1Our loved one died abroad, what now?
Repatriation from anywhere in the world, Eternal Funeral Services brings your loved one back home.
We have all the experience to assist you with legislation, documentation, transport abroad as well as in South Africa, flight arrangements and storing facilities.
2I need more information about pre-planning my own after death care
Very few people are thinking about their own death. However, ple-planning your after-death care and/or end-of-life celebration, is surely the most precious gift you can bestow on a loved one. Make known your choices to your loved ones. Pre-planning can consist of one or all of the following:
Adequate Funeral Cover Funeral or Cremation
Coffin/Casket/Urn Wall of Remembrance
Grave Type of Memorial Service
The Funeral Director The Minister
Floral Arrangements & Sprays Décor
Pall Bearers Funeral Programme
Music/Videos, etc. Tributes
Eulogy Personalised End-of-Life Celebration
Catering And any other request you may have
3I don’t have sufficient funeral cover and understand that a funeral can be costly
A funeral is often unplanned and unexpected.
At the time of death people are often disillusioned at the high costs of a proper funeral. Be prepared, the worst thing you could ever do is to burden your loved ones with the financial implications of an unplanned funeral.
At this very traumatic time in their lives, your love one’s should mourn, not worry.
Eternal Funeral Services in association with Living Word Church offers one of the most affordable funeral policy available in South Africa, with monthly premiums from as little as R17-00.
The button below will redirect you to our online program that will guide you through the process of signing up for affordable funeral cover. The whole process consists of only 5 short and easy steps and should take you no longer than 5-10 minutes to sign up.
4I have a request for a personal End-of-Life Celebration, can you assist?
Whether you decide on a traditional funeral or a personalised End-of-Life Celebration, our professional team will ensure that the ceremony you choose is a memorable one.
From a procession of motorcycles to a white dove ceremony to trauma dogs at the memorial service to ceremonies at sea and many more, speak to us to plan and execute a very personal End-of-Life Ceremony.
5I would like to find out more about the Wall of Remembrance
Our wall of remembrance is currently under construction and is situated within the peaceful and quiet surroundings of the Living Word Church, ensuring a feeling of safety when visiting your loved one’s final place of rest  
Single Nice with Vase Single Niche without Vase
Double Niche with Vase Double Niche without Vase
6I see you offer Care & Counselling services, please tell me more about it.
Mourning is a very personal experience and people react differently to it. For those who struggle to cope with the loss of a loved one, we offer counselling and trauma services by our professional team of counsellors.
Through our hospital ministry we can even support someone on their death bed as well as the bereaved family, in hospital, at home or at a care centre. And at no extra cost.